Does USb Type-C Fast Charging Make Vaping Life Easier?

If you ask how much USB has impacted our life?
You need to know what Type-C has brought in your vaping life.

In The Early '90s

When the first generation of USB was designed, people had no idea just how universal it would become. The first connectors, USB-A and B, were not only big in size, but the connection itself was only ever developed to provide power at a low draw of 100 mA. As USB evolved, those drawbacks were some of the first to go.

Upon August 2014, USB world has marched in the era of USB-C, formally known as USB Type-C, is a 24-pin USB connector system, which is distinguished by its two-fold rotationally-symmetrical connector. And when type-c was introduced to the vaping device, it meant a lot more, especially when Eleaf launched its first vape mod built in USB Type-C for charging:
iStick NOWOS in Oct. 2018, that really makes quite noises in the vaping market.

Here are how Type-C mods making vaping life easier:

1) Smaller device – Half The Width & One-Third The Height of Standard USB
2) Reversible – This Means You Can Stick It In However You Like; It Works Both Ways
3) Proper FAST – It Can Transfer 10G of Data Per Second
4) More powerful – It Can Provide Up To 100W of Power
5) More durable – Charging Plugs of Durability

Type-C , has significantly shaped a way of vaping life without doubt.

If you are interested in more Type-C kits, please check out Eleaf Type-C portfolio.

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