Eleaf iJust Mini – It’s So Cute!

The lovely lot over at Eleaf sent me out the iJust mini to test drive, it’s small, it’s discreet, and top it off it’s rather a cute little thing!


Eleaf iJust Mini Specs

  • Size: Ø22mm*104mm
  • Weight: 90g
  • Liquid capacity: 3ml
  • Battery capacity: 1100mAh
  • Output wattage: 25W max
  • Resistance range: 0.3Ω-3.0Ω
  • Colors: Red, Green, Black, Dazzling, Gunmetal, Silver


In The Box:

1*iJust mini Battery
1*iJust mini Atomizer
1*GT M 0.6ohm Head
1*GT 1.2ohm Head
1*Micro USB cable
2*User Manuals
Spare Parts

iJust Mini Kit – Initial Impressions

I have always been quite a fan of the iJust kits, and I have tried a few. Eleaf tend to change the exterior design add a new coil or two and call it a new kit. Really, this is just a scaled down version of the previous ones, with… yep you guessed it, another new coil, and a ton of great safety features!

I got the Gunmetal grey version and it does look really nice. If you purchase in the UK you are going to get the 2ml version, but you can also get a bubble glass which will allow you an extra 1ml (3ml total) in the tank, and I have switched over to this bubble glass as there’s nothing worse than having to refill every ten minutes! The tank comes with a standard 510 MTL type mouthpiece, but you don’t have to use it, if you have a favourite 510 drip tip, pop it on!

The branding is ‘Eleaf’ on one side of the battery in small letters, and iJust mini on the other side. The base of the tank also has the iJust mini branding (underneath)

iJust Mini – Features

Battery – So starting with the battery, it’s 1100mah so while not really large enough to keep serious vapers going all day long, the iJust mini battery is good enough for a trip to the shops, or a couple of hours in front of the TV. It’s 22ml wide, so you can pop one of your own tanks on top if you don’t fancy the iJust mini tank.

There’s a slightly raised fire button so it’s easy to find if you’re driving for instance and you can’t look down to find it. 5 clicks will turn the battery off and on, and 3 clicks will cycle between the three different power output modes. Red light around the fire button means lowest power, blue is medium power, and last but certainly not least, green is high power.

The battery is charged via the charging port on the opposite side to the fire button, and you can vape away on it while it’s charging.

iJust Mini Tank – So the tank is a little different in terms of the tanks that normally come with the iJust kits. To fill, find the arrow on the top cap, and then lift the cap and push in the direction of the arrow, this is a child safety feature just in case your little cherubs get their hands on things they definitely shouldn’t! The fill hole has the typical silicone seal over the top (so liquid can’t escape if the top cap is open and the tank gets knocked over) Because this is the mini version you will need to remove the drip tip to fill if you’re using a chunky nozzle, otherwise it just gets awkward. Kudos to Eleaf for the double safety features on the iJust tank.

The airflow collar is around the base of the tank, and this swivels round really easy, maybe a little too easy as it just catching it with your fingers will adjust the airflow from how you’ve set it. There are several tiny holes which you can close off one by one, and when you are down to just one hole open it is a very restricted draw indeed. So mouth to lung vapers will be able to perfect the airflow to exactly how they want it to be. Direct lung inhale is also possible, although again it is fairly restricted, so if you like really open unrestricted DL inhaling then this tank might not be for you.

With the coil Eleaf did something really clever. Remove the base of the tank, and you will find that everything is still sealed off, you can remove the coil, and turn the tank back upright and the liquid still won’t escape, which means if you knock the tank over while you’re changing the coil you won’t lose the liquid! When you pop the coil back in and replace the base, this pushes the coil in further and opens up the liquid flow control. Blummin’ brilliant idea!

If you want to pop the bubble glass on there to give yourself some extra vaping time, just grab the little double prong tool from the box, remove the base of the tank, remove the coil and then use the tool in the two small holes and remove the metal plate, this will then allow you to remove the glass (this also allows you to strip the tank right down for cleaning) Of course do not try and change the glass while you have liquid in the tank!


Eleaf iJust Mini Coils – Eleaf have two new coils that come with the kit, these are both pull out, and push in and super easy to change. A 0.6ohm  direct lung inhale mesh and a 1.2ohm Kanthal mouth to lung coil.


iJust Mini – Performance

I can’t fault this device at all! It works brilliantly. I have used both coils, and the 1.2ohm is a really fab mouth to lung type of draw, the flavour is decent along with the vapour. For me though the 0.6ohm is excellent with the air flow fully open, flavour is spot on and there is a decent amount of vapour, although obviously not on the same level as other (larger) sub ohm tanks.

Depending on which coil you prefer you just need to cycle through the power options on the battery and see what suits you best.

Final Thoughts on the Eleaf iJust mini Kit

I love it! 

 I don’t have any real negatives to mention, one small niggle with the air flow control collar being so easy to turn, but it’s not a huge problem and if you can remember not to put your paws anywhere near it while you’re vaping, it shouldn’t be a problem at all.

It’s small, fits right into the palm of even my small hands, its sooo cute! And it vapes a treat. This will suit new vapers and established vapers alike.

Will the iJust mini be retired to the shelf? – Nope! It’s a super little device to just sling in your pocket when you’re nipping out for an hour.

Overall Score: 5/5

By Ceekay