Eleaf Tance Max Review

Hello there again everyone here. The device in question today is the latest pod system from Eleaf, the Tance Max.


The Eleaf Tance Max comes in a small box covered with a sleeve that has a picture of the color Tance Max that’s inside the box. On the back of the box is a contents list giving you a rundown of what’s inside the box. Slide off the sleeve and open the box and you find the Tance Max and tank sitting on top. Lift that tray up and the accessories, such as a spare coil, USB type C cable and user manual.

Tance Max Tank

The Tance Max comes with a 4ml tank that has a unique shaped mouth piece. The bottom of the mouth piece is flat and the top is contoured to fit your upper lip. Around on the back side of the tank is a sliding cap to the fill port and the threads for screwing the coil and airflow ring to the tank. Finally, the airflow ring is where the coil is installed and then that is screwed into the tank, and the amount of airflow going to the coil can be adjusted. Pre-installed in the Tance Max tank will be a 0.6 ohm GS Air M coil which is a more direct lung draw. The spare included coil is a 1.6 ohm GS Air S coil which is a stainless steel coil.

Tance Max Device

The newest pod device from Eleaf is the Tance Max. The Tance Max has a 1100 mah battery and is a button operated style of pod device. The shinny frame on the sides and bottom is metal and the part with the graphics, I guess is plastic but feels very sturdy. It’s like the sides on the Eleaf Rim mod where it has graphics with a clear coating over it. Makes for nice looking and durable panels. The very top of the Tance Max is the opening where the pod inserts, and makes connection to the Tance. Strong magnets hold the pod very securely to the device. The button has a light in the center that lights up when you connect the pod or fire the Tance and the color of the light, tells you the amount of charge in the battery. If the light is green, the battery is between 100% – 60%, if it’s blue, the battery is 59% – 20% and red is 19% and below. During charging the light stays red until its fully charged then goes out. On the sides of the frame, airflow holes on each side, allows air to enter the pod airflow control. On the end opposite of the pod or tank is the USB type C port that allows for quick charging.


The 0.6 ohm GS Air M coil was pre-installed and I like more airflow so I started with that. With airflow wide open and the tank full of 24mg nic salts, I took two big puffs, was surprised by how much vapor it produced and then needed to sit down because that was a lot of nicotine. Once I cut the airflow down from four holes to two holes, the the GS Air coil was giving a great vape with great flavor. I’ve enjoyed these coils in a few different devices like the Amnis and ITAP. They work very well with the Tance tank. The 1.6 GS Air S coil vapes quite differently. Instead of a mesh coil, this is a horizontal, stainless steel round wire coil with much more restricted airflow. It is designed for MTL vaping style and while it does produce a good amount of vapor, it was a cooler, lighter vape. Flavor was lighter with that coil as well. Maybe it’s designed for a higher nicotine kinda vape. This coil in the Eleaf ITAP was used in a temp control detected by the device and that might be what’s happening here but I couldn’t find any info to make sure. The swivel opening to the fill port works great with small tipped bottles like nic salts. Much easier than any rubber plug fill port I’ve delt with. The Tance Max itself feels very solidly constructed. The button doesn’t rattle and magnet for the pod is very strong and won’t accidentally come loose. 1100 mah gives great battery life, lasting me two days usually and with the USB C Type charging, it doesn’t take long to top off the battery anyways. The light turning red with 20% left gives you time to find a charger.


The Eleaf Tance Max has taken the top spot in the Eleaf pod system line-up in my opinion. While I really liked the Elvin and the ITAP, this has improved on everything. Biggest complaint I have is the 1.6 ohm GS Air S coil isn’t exactly my vape style but the 0.6 GS Air M pairs nicely with the Tance. I’ve used this coil with regular 6mg juice when it was on the Amnis mod and it worked well so, this doesn’t have to be nic salt juice but I liked it with 24mg juice myself. If you like button fired pod systems and like swappable coils and a massive battery, the Eleaf Tance Max might be something you want to check out.

By Velvet Fog