Finally Some Fresh Air In The Vaping Industry

November is the month without tobacco in France. It’s a communication operation where the goal is to encourage smokers to stop smoking. And start vaping instead.


What’s The Month Without Tobacco?


Vaping is the most popular tool to help smokers quit smoking in France and probably in the world. One in two smokers will choose to try vaping to try to quit smoking during the Month Without Tobacco 2019.


To help smokers be aware of this event and motivate them, thousands of vape shops will participate in the game. After two painful months (September and October), due to the widespread of lousy news from the USA. It’s the right moment to communicate about the benefits of vaping.


It’s Time To Defend Your Rights!


French vape shop owners can now participate in the event by displaying the communication tools available to them by visiting: a month without tobacco partners.


Without The Government’s Support, The Best Solution Is To Fight


It’s a difficult time for the vaping industry, with all the bad press and the authority that doesn’t want to speak of it positively.


The only solution is to communicate and engage personally with smokers on the benefits of vaping. Show them your support, and they will thank you for your help.


In France, there’re 3 million vapers, and half of them have successfully quit smoking. Thanks to vaping.


We haven’t lost, in a difficult time, vapers choose to fight for their rights!