Panic on the Vaping World

Just how vapers have become the bad guys for the media?

If you’ve been using e-cigarettes or you’re a smoker, you’re already aware of the atrocious news that storm the vaping industry these months. Are all the vapers in danger, will we die of vaping? Let’s take a look at how all these events have escalated and become the favorite talk of the media.

It All Starts With Teenagers Getting Illed

On July 25th, The Department of Health Services of Wisconsin announces 9 cases of severe lung disease among teenagers. When the DHS is investigating these cases, there’s one common trait to the victims: Vaping.

When the media realizes that there’re millions of vapers in the world, and they’re potentially in danger. The opportunity to make some Bangs is too good to miss.

Then the Authority Steps In

On August 14th, 2019, the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) publishes a press release mentioning that they’re investigating 94 cases related to lung disease caused by vaping in the US. But further researches have to be done to determine the cause exact of these diseases.

Posts of Intoxicated Persons on Facebook Spread Fear

On August 4th, the Facebook posts of Maddie Nelson, a teenager hospitalized because of lung disease due to vaping as she thought, convince her followers to stop vaping and to spread the news.

A few weeks later, the first decease was announced in the State of Illinois on August 23rd. The CDC published a new document mentioning; there are 193 people touch by the disease. All had the same symptoms: difficulty to breath that can lead to hospitalization. According to the CDC, no product is related to be the cause of the disease.

However, the media keep dramatizing the fact. A title like: “The first decease due to electronic cigarettes registered.” can be found everywhere on TV, Internet, and Magazines.

An Escalation on Bad News

  • September 3rd, the State of Oregon announced a second decease.
  • On September 4th, the FDA (Food And Drug Administration) took over the case and kept investigating this mysterious disease. They discovered a component similar to all the analyzes.  The culprit is a thickener agent used in some counterfeit products that can cause severe health problems: the vitamin E acetate.
  • September 6th, the State of Indiana announced the 3rd victim. This time USA Today and the New York Times indicate that the two last victims had consumed products with THC before they died.
  • September 10th, a 6th decease has been announced in the State of Kansas. The opportunity for his health secretary, Dr. Lee Norman, to call for a halt to the vape.

Trump Administration Plans to Ban Flavored E-Cigarettes

September 11th, the Trump administration step in and indicate his will to exterminate the flavored e-cigarettes industry, to protect teenagers from using e-cigarettes.

After that, It’s Descent Into Hell for the Vaping Industry and Vapers

  • September 12th, the CDC announced 380 people are touched by the disease.
  • September 15th, Andrew Cuomo, New York’s governor, ban any products related to vaping.
  • September 19th, the FDA announced a criminal investigation that can be the cause of the disease. 530 persons are ill, and 8 persons died of the disease.
  • The media and press keep spreading the bad news without any founded facts.
  • September 24th, the State of Massachusetts ban all vaping products for 4 months.
  • September 26th, the CDC published a release that there’re 805 vapors touched by the disease, and 10 persons died from it. For the first time, some data suggest that products with THC can cause these symptoms.
  • September 27th, the American authority found that vape cartridges with THC are the cause of all these problems.


It’s Too Late

Unfortunately, for vape professionals in the world, the damage is done. Businesses keep dropping dramatically and can reach 30% drop and more.

And the Bad News Keep Spreading.

But Vaping I believe will survive and sooner than we would expect, people will realize that vaping is far better than smoking.

It’s the best alternative to people who want to quit smoking without doing so too abruptly. It’s a smoother and more efficient way to fight cigarettes.