Vaping Saves Life

In a short time, vape has become an instrument that makes people sick and kills teenagers. The media and press have spread fears among new users with bad communication around the subject. Fortunately, vapers know the benefits of vaping, and they remembered that vaping had helped them and millions of users to quit smoking.

These days, it’s so easy to access a ton of news that everybody is looking for a story that can make a big bang. Any methods are suitable for the media and press to drive traffic, and even sometimes, it means spreading fake news and fear on a subject they don’t understand. What better than ill people and dead persons to be on the top of the trend.

A Lot of Noises for Not Such a Big Deal

In just a few short months, vape has become a virus that kills teenagers and makes thousands of people so sick that we are forced to hospitalize them. When for years, vapers never had any problems with their practices. It’s like putting rat poison in a glass of water and saying that the water kills people. It’s as ridiculous as it sounds!

Meanwhile, Smokers who Quit Smoking for Vaping Are Still Alive and Are in Good Shape

The absurdity of this freaky situation is vaping works great for smokers who switch to this method to quit smoking. What’s even weirder is no other countries than the US is affected. And the government of some countries is making decisions based on nothing like India. Vapers in Spain even took action to fight all this nonsense.

Vapers in France think this is the best fix to quit smoking. About 1 million smokers have successfully cured their addiction to tobacco, thanks to vape. It’s the most efficient therapy ever create to fight smoking addiction. No other methods drove such incredible results.

When Vaping is Proven to Have Benefit, It’s Not 100% Risk-Free

When you stop smoking, you eliminate all the toxins and dangers due to tobacco. Vaping is not without risks. However, it’s a lot healthier than cigarettes. Professionals suggested that if you can quit smoking without vaping, do it. If you intend to quit tobacco smoothly, vaping is your best choice.

Health experts made thousands of studies on the risk due to vaping. No one shows there’re severe dangers for people who vape. Companies who make E-Liquids and Vaping Devices have to respect strict rules if they want to put their products on the market. If a vaper doesn’t buy his materials on the black market or illegal places, we can affirm that vaping is pretty safe. It’s a reliable method to replace smoking on your everyday use if you don’t abuse it.

What happened in the United States were cases where the user used vaping under conditions that did not correspond to the expected use of these products.

Until now, these events occurred only in the United States. We haven’t noticed such cases in other countries to date. The government should put in place more strict rules to discourage teenagers from gaining access to vaping. But saying it kills, it’s a little too much. It’s particularly true when it’s nor proven that the culprit is vaping.

It is unfortunate to condemn something that has proven it works, and people who have used it for years find it very efficient. We should respect the law, but we can’t let few people decide what we can do or not without doing their works properly. We all have our right to choose, so do vapers.