Eleaf iStick T80 Kit Review

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Huge thanks to Eleaf for sending out the iStick T80 Kit with Pesso tank for me to try out. I like iSticks, I’ve always liked them, and the good thing about purchasing something from Eleaf is that you know you’re going to get a quality product. These folks have been in the vape business for an awful long time, and it does seem that with each new device they release they do tend to get it right first time!

So lets have a closer look at the iStick T80 kit with Pesso Tank…

iStick T80 kit specs

36mm x 28mm x 130mm Size
3000mAh Battery capacity
1-80W Wattage
2ml / 5ml E-liquid capacity
0.05Ω-3Ω Resistance range 186g

In the box

1 x iStick T80
1 x Pesso Tank
1 x EF 0.3ohm Coil
1 x EF-M 0.6ohm Coil (Pre-installed)
1 x USB Type-C Cable
2 x User Manuals
1 x Warranty Card

iStick T80 kit initial impressions

The iStick T80 kit comes very well packaged in a strong cardboard box, which is great for anything coming through the postal system these days! (say no more) On opening the box I was over the moon to see I got a silver iStick, and it looks impressive, quite sleek and not bulky in the slightest.

The iStick itself has small branding around the bottom, Eleaf on one side and iStick T80 on the other, it’s not in your face and to be honest with it being white on silver, if you weren’t looking for it you wouldn’t really notice it. I know lots of people really don’t like the branding to be ‘in your face’ and this really isn’t.

The iStick is oval shaped, and fits perfectly into the hand, it has the chrome coloured top and bottom plates, and a black strip down one side where you will find the screen and the buttons. The iStick has a springy 510 pin, so you are going to be able to pop a favourite tank on there if you don’t fancy using the Pesso that comes in the kit.

As for the Pesso tank, personally, I think it looks a little too chunky for the mod! But it does fit without any overhang. Because I’m in the UK I got the 2ml version (yay for EU regs!) but there is a bubble glass available for those not in the EU that takes the Pesso tank up to 5ml.

Istick T80 mod features:

Battery – So the iStick T80 is a built in battery mod, and that battery is 3000mAh, so you should get plenty of run time from it. It has a max output of 80w, hence the name T80. The iStick can be fast charged in as little as 90 minutes, but this of course will depend on the speed of your charger. The charging port can be found just under the adjustment buttons on the screen section of the mod, so you can stand it up while its charging. It is a USB type C charging port and you do get the correct lead in the box. Another bonus is that you can vape it while it’s charging.

As for the Pesso tank, personally, I think it looks a little too chunky for the mod! But it does fit without any overhang. Because I’m in the UK I got the 2ml version (yay for EU regs!) but there is a bubble glass available for those not in the EU that takes the Pesso tank up to 5ml.

The adjustment buttons can be found underneath the screen, small round buttons again slightly raised, not too small that they become fiddly. The only problem I can see is if you wanted to adjust settings while the T80 is charging as the lead would be in the way, not a huge problem and really just me nit picking (cos the T80 is actually not far from perfect!)

Screen & menu – Tip the mod on the side to read the screen, you have battery icon, ohms, volts and puff count in smaller digits, and then your watts or temp in larger digits over to the right hand side.

The menu is in the classic Eleaf style, press up and the fire button to enter the menu where you can access stealth mode, change some of the screen display options, check the version etc. And 3 clicks on the fire button will take you into the mode options where you can choose from VW, Ti, Ni, bypass, and memory settings. So it’s all fairly simple and easy to navigate.

You get the normal array of safety features on the iStick T80, protections for over charge, over discharge, over current, over 10s vape, and short circuit. And the best point for me you can lock those adjustment buttons by pressing up and down together. This means you can throw the T80 in your pocket and the wattage isn’t going to alter without you knowing! Thank you Eleaf! 

The Pesso tank features

Airflow – So airflow on the Pesso is very impressive, ranging from one tiny airflow hole, to a gaping chasm! You can alter the Pesso to suit your vaping style perfectly. Wide open really is super airy, and the smallest hole is perfect for those that prefer a very restricted draw. Airflow is altered by twisting the collar around the bottom of the tank.

Filling – The Pesso tank has built in child safety features for filling, an arrow on the side tells you which direction the top cap needs to be pushed to open the tank for filling, but you will also need to press the small button on the side while pushing, and this unlocks the cap. The filling hole is covered by a silicone seal, there is a slit in this that you push the nozzle through but if you’re using chunky bottles you will want to remove the mouthpiece before filling, as the bottle won’t fit side by side with the mouthpiece in place. Make sure to fill slowly, and even though I do fill slowly for some annoying reason I still tend to get liquid pushing back up through the seal when the tank is almost full, so you may want to stop filling a little before the tank is completely full.

Changing the coil – So the Pesso tank comes with some great safety features, and changing the coil is no different. Remove the base of the tank, and you will see the coil still inside the tank, this just pulls out, and as you pull it out some kind of magic happens inside the tank to seal it! This means no liquid spillage! When you push the new coil in, this opens the the tank back up and allows liquid back in to the coil, clever eh!

Prime the coil! Always make sure to prime any new coils before popping them in, just drip some liquid onto the cotton that you can see through the liquid inlet holes around the coil (and for extra measures I normally squeeze a little onto the cotton inside the coil too) pop the coil into the tank and give it a couple of minutes to fully saturate the wick. This will save your first vape on a new coil tasting like a burning kleenex!

How does the iStick T80 and Pesso tank perform

Its fab! To be honest I wouldn’t expect any less from Eleaf, they really have perfected the art of vaping these days.

I’m using the 0.6ohm coil rated at 8 – 35w, and I have been using it at around 32w, and the flavour and vapour is just what you would expect from Eleaf… pretty damn good! Obviously the lower you drop the wattage the less vapour you get, but use it on its max allowed 35w and you can blow some pretty decent clouds.  One thing worth a mention is that you will need to run a couple of tanks of liquid through the coil before the flavour really kicks in and you start to taste all of the flavour notes that are in the liquid.

I haven’t had chance to use the 0.3ohm coil yet (for the simple fact I’m enjoying the 0.6ohm at the moment) but I think I can guess that it’s going to be great.

The iStick T80 works flawlessly, no misfires, no power adjusting (because the buttons lock!) It really is a little power house. 

Final thoughts on the iStick T80 kit with Pesso tank.

I think it’s great, I love how comfy it is to hold, after months of using chunky box mods this little thing is a pure delight to have in my hand. Downside I guess is that I can’t swap out the battery, but for a kit mod that’s a small price to pay.

It looks good, it has a timeless kind of classy look to it, that would still look good 2 or 3 years down the line.
It vapes well, and feels great and I think this is going to suit brand new vapers, and well established vapers alike.

Will the iStick T80 kit be retired to the shelf? – Of course once I have used the coils that come with the kit I won’t purchase more as I tend to use RTA’s, so the Pesso tank will either sit on the shelf, or I may hand it to someone who likes using stock coils. The iStick T80 however will certainly have a place for daily use, it’s going to be a great little mod for out and about and trips into town.

Ceekays Shack Score

I honestly don’t need to knock any points off the score for this kit, it does what it should and that deserves a fantastic 5/5

By Ceekay

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