Vaping Saves Life

Vaping Saves Life In a short time, vape has become an instrument that makes people sick and kills teenagers. The media and press have spread fears among new users with bad communication around the subject. Fortunately, vapers know the benefits of vaping, and they remembered that vaping had helped them and millions of users to […]

What’re E-Cigarettes?

What’re E-Cigarettes? Electronic cigarettes or e-cigs are battery-powered handheld devices that simulate smoking, and some of its behaviors or habits like vaporizing. When the battery is ON, the device heats the e-liquid. It turns it into vapors that the user can inhale, simulating the sensation of smoking cigarettes. Main Components of an E-cig:   A […]

Panic on the Vaping World

Panic on the Vaping World Just how vapers have become the bad guys for the media? If you’ve been using e-cigarettes or you’re a smoker, you’re already aware of the atrocious news that storm the vaping industry these months. Are all the vapers in danger, will we die of vaping? Let’s take a look at […]

Finally Some Fresh Air In The Vaping Industry

Finally Some Fresh Air In The Vaping Industry November is the month without tobacco in France. It’s a communication operation where the goal is to encourage smokers to stop smoking. And start vaping instead.   What’s The Month Without Tobacco?   Vaping is the most popular tool to help smokers quit smoking in France and […]

Caffeine vs nicotine

CaffeineVSNicotine Nicotine vs Caffeine: What’s the Difference? Nicotine gets a bad wrap. Because it’s believed to be the addictive ingredient in tobacco cigarettes, and everyone knows that smoking kills millions every year, many people assume that nicotine is a dangerous substance.In extremely high doses, nicotine is indeed poisonous; however, in moderation, nicotine may be as […]

Tea Party With The iStick Rim

Tea Party In The Open Air “Tea! Bless ordinary everyday afternoon tea!” -Agatha Christie Indulgence In Your Afternoon Tea Afternoon tea is one of the ultimate indulgences. When weather is warm, sitting out on a lush, picturesque, garden terrace and wait to be served with Darjeeling tea is literally classic British experience. Then, What […]

Does Fast Charging Make Vaping Life Easier?

Does USb Type-C Fast Charging Make Vaping Life Easier? If you ask how much USB has impacted our life?You need to know what Type-C has brought in your vaping life. In The Early ’90s When the first generation of USB was designed, people had no idea just how universal it would become. The first connectors, […]